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Inspection and Installation

You have made the right choice with one of the many charging stations that you can find on our page. Choosing the most powerful and ideal charger for you is very important but it is the first step. It is extremely important when choosing a charger that you also choose the right installer in order to do the installation study as well as the installation of your charger, so that everything is really safe and works perfectly.

The services we offer you are the following:

On-site inspection and installation study

This service includes the following:

Visit of our technician to your place

Inspection of the facility

Electric Research

Detailed installation offer

Price: €50 without VAT

• Installation of a charger

This service includes the following:

•  Electrical equipment:

Leakage switch type A or B

Power cord.

Automatic safety

Track switch

LED Indicator Light


Installation work by experienced electricians:

Installation of electrical hardware in the panel


Installation of a charging station

Final inspection and testing

Certificate of good operation.

Basic user training.

Price* :

After visits to your place by a professional Electrical Engineer of Technological Applications certified for the study and installation of electric chargers.

We will send you a detailed quote that will state how many meters and what materials will be used as well as the work that will be done, along with the standards that we will follow.

** The price for each installation varies depending on the needs.