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Electric car charger management platform

1. Ev Loader

EV Loader ( is software for remote management and viewing of charging stations for electric cars. Through the app, PC drivers locate charging stations, start and stop the charging process and transact charging sessions. In addition, the owners of the chargers have the possibility to enter a fee for the use of the station, to define the operating hours of their station and to remotely monitor the progress of the charges and the consumption made at each charger.

Why EV Loader is the ideal choice for your business:

  • Ensures the visibility of your station in search engines used by electric vehicle drivers
  • You add a charge for the use of the chargers which you change whenever you wish
  • Monitor total consumption across all chargers (and per charger) and your income easily and quickly from either your computer or your mobile phone.
  • You set the maximum charging power per charger or per group of chargers via the software
  • Check the operation and availability of the charger remotely.
  • Your customers receive live phone and live chat support from EV Loader 24/7, so there is no need for an employee to deal with the station in case the driver cannot start charging.
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2. Joule

Through Joule's charging station management platform, charging station owners can define the settings of their stations whenever and however they want, have an overview of the charging conditions at all times and always know the consumption of their chargers with a simple click.

In addition, joining the Joule network means displaying the charging station on the network map, while at the same time charging will be possible through the jCharge mobile and browser application.

The app enables users of a Joule network station to check if it is available or not, to be able to make reservations for future charging, and also to start and pay for their charging through it.

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