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Mobile Chargers

Mobile Chargers
Brand: Green Cell
EV16 - E1Green Cell The GC EV PowerCable is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a reliable and mobile charging system with a regular Schuko socket. LCD screen with access to the most important parameters, integrated Type 2 cable, minimalist design and extremely sturdy housing that guarante..
Ex Tax:230.00€
Brand: Go-e
phillo_dedomenon_go_e_charger_gemini_flex_f097b8fe38  Go-eCharger Gemini Flex Go-eCharger Gemini Flex (22kW, socket Type 2)  is ultra-compact, fully equipped mobile charging station that can charge any electric car. It is suitable for garages and outdoor parking areas, e.g. in front of re..
Ex Tax:600.00€
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